Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MRV debuts LambdaDriver WDM optical channel monitor card

CHATSWORTH, USA: MRV Communications Inc. announced a new optical channel monitor (OCM) module for its LambdaDriver optical transport system to provide continuous optical spectrum analysis services for wave division multiplexed (WDM) backbone networks.

MRV is a leading networking company with a full line of packet-optical transport (POTS), carrier Ethernet, 40G networking and out-of-band networking products.

The OCM is an in-service monitoring module that is installed at strategic points in the network to monitor and measure DWDM wavelengths. The module can identify the discrete DWDM wavelengths and provide detailed information about optical power and optical signal noise ratio (OSNR) levels. The acquired information is stored in the module and provided to the management card for user examination and analysis.

This is an important addition for network operators who currently use optical spectrum analyzers (OSA) to check the network status. Manually connected OSAs require specialized personnel to travel to remote network locations to connect to the fiber point to analyze the quality of the optical signals.

Using the OCM from MRV, network operators can install the module in the LambdaDriver system and manage the network remotely. The OCM helps operators with troubleshooting and provides a very rapid response because the analysis solution is already in place when needed. With this new module, the LambdaDriver series now provides much more visibility on the network itself to help operators manage their services.

“The OSNR is the most important input in determining signal quality and resolving network issues, but manual testing processes make this information difficult and costly to obtain,” said Noam Lotan, president and CEO of MRV Communications. “For many LambdaDriver customers, the new OCM is a much lower cost solution than spectrum analyzers and will save them operating costs on an ongoing basis thanks to the ability to manage the network remotely.”

The OCM module is hot swappable and provides 50GHz channel spacing monitoring. OCM modules are available immediately from MRV’s sales force or its worldwide distribution channel.

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