Monday, June 22, 2009

Bay Talkitec integrates caller voice authentication to SmartCall platform

BANGALORE, INDIA: Bay Talkitec, a leading provider of next-gen unified contact center and 2.5G/ 3G VAS Platform technology, today announced the integration of ‘Caller Voice authentication’ technology to its ‘Smartcall unified contact center platform.

The new biometric voice authentication facility will enable contact centers improve caller experience by streamlining the log-in process and help banks, financial institutions and insurance companies increase security, doing away with forgettable PINs and passwords. Bay Talkitec’s offering is slated to dramatically reduce time and costs associated with validating contact center callers.

K.Sheker, Director, Bay Talkitec explains: “On an average, an agent talk time can be reduced by 30 seconds per call, resulting in cost reduction of up to 75 percent, in establishing caller identity. The added advantage is that Bay Talkitec’s voice authentication technology also works with existing IVR systems including Bay Talkitec’s

SmartCall Customer Interaction Management Platform and can be easily integrated with current call center infrastructure. Being among the pioneers and the few Indian companies with a rich portfolio of voice technology products, we are excited and see great market potential in this next generation identity validation technology, as security and privacy concerns rise.”

The voice authentication facility will enable companies securely verify the identity of customers and contact center callers in a matter of seconds, by using the biometric method to compare specific characteristics of the caller’s voice against a previously recorded voice print. For call center agents they can focus more on customer care than trying to verify caller’s identity.

It can be used by enterprises to secure customer authentication for many business purposes including protecting financial transactions, limiting access to personal data, complying with regulatory guidance and managing verification risks.

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