Thursday, June 25, 2009

TETCO VOXPILOT videoconferencing solution for PC, 3G mobile phone and videophone

COURBEVOIE, FRANCE: During the CommunicAsia trade show held in Singapore from June 16th to 19th 2009, TETCO-VOXPILOT unveiled its new Tetco-Voxpilot videoconferencing solution.

Tetco-Voxpilot Videoconferencing allows you to hold an audio and video conference by connecting in real time from any part of the world without any installation needed on your workstation. This extremely competitive solution is intended for heavy use from your PC, 3G mobile phone or videophone, on all foreign markets.

Users can either watch the same screen, or customise their screen by selecting the participants they wish to display on their PC, 3G mobile phone or videophone screen.

The video is high definition, of the TV type, H.264, even in low- bandwidth situations. The maximum bandwidth used is 364kbps. Tetco-Voxpilot Videoconferencing can simultaneously manage different codecs for each participant.

User-friendliness is one of the key factors in choosing this solution:
* Easy booking through a dedicated web interface,
* Email or SMS confirmation,
* Availability checking,
* Conference launching in just one click,
* Post-session report.

The solution is compatible with any kind of system and requires no prior installation on the workstation. To join the conference, participants only need to click on a hypertext link or dial a number.

The Tetco-Voxpilot videoconferencing solution meets current business needs: substantial cost reductions, lower travel expenses, better efficiency and productivity with mobile teams and multi-site companies.

“We have here a solution that combines ‘room-based’ solutions quality and the flexibility of use with the total absence of any specific programme on the client station,” says Tristan Dessain-Gelinet, CEO of TETCO-VOXPILOT. “Videoconferencing has become a crucial solution for businesses, particularly given the current economic climate where it is vital to reduce costs while still gaining in efficiency.”

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