Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CommScope unlocks potential of location-based services

BANGALORE, INDIA: CommScope is making it possible for mobile operators to finally realize the promise of mobile location technology and maximize their investment in wireless location systems. With GeoLENs Locate, the newest offering from the CommScope family of location technologies, carriers can now support targeted emergency messaging for public safety communication and opt-in mobile marketing opportunities, as well as social networking and enterprise applications.

Currently, mobile location capabilities are primarily limited to determining and updating the location of a specific subscriber’s mobile device in response to an emergency call, “friend-finder” request, or other location-based application.

GeoLENs Locate goes beyond that to deliver a comprehensive, real-time means of integrating multiple subscriber locations and allowing highly-defined, area-targeted messaging and more value-added services. GeoLENs Locate accomplishes this by combining high-performance area location geofencing software from Intersec and active, specific location updating support from CommScope GeoLENs Mobile Location Centers.

“GeoLENs Locate is aimed at changing the game for mobile location because it strips away the remaining technical challenges preventing operators from delivering the next evolution of targeted messaging and location-based services,” said John Baker, VP and GM, Network Solutions, CommScope.

Technology agnostic, GeoLENs Locate is designed to access and use virtually any mobile location method supported by the service provider’s network. In the case of a public safety incident, for example, GeoLENs Locate establishes a coarse view of the users within a geographic area defined by civil authorities.

Active location then identifies which mobile devices are within or near this “virtual perimeter,” and law enforcement can route emergency messages to those devices. Similar techniques can be employed for targeted marketing among opt-in subscribers and with social applications. The solution is dynamic, yet engineered to avoid negative impact on network performance. It supports 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phones.

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