Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Radisys announces integration of CounterPath Bria softphone with MPX-12000 for enhanced mobile video delivery

CTIA WIRELESS 2012, HILLSBORO, USA: Radisys Corp., a leading provider of embedded wireless infrastructure solutions, announced the integration of the CounterPath Bria desktop and mobile softphone applications with Radisys’ MPX-12000 broadband Multimedia Resource Function (MRF) for enhanced delivery of mobile video services.

Together with CounterPath, Radisys can now offer mobile network operators, and their telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs), the key building blocks required for delivering multi-platform, revenue-generating mobile video services.

In order to monetize the growing volume of mobile video traffic and increase average revenue per user (ARPU), mobile operators need a high-efficiency broadband MRF specifically designed to support compelling, differentiated and personalized real-time audio and video services.

By leveraging Radisys’ MPX-12000, TEMs avoid the complicated, time-consuming and expensive task of building broadband MRFs from scratch to meet operators’ needs. However, for operators to deploy a working solution, TEMs also need to provide a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based client application, available on a variety of mobile devices, to interwork with the Radisys MRF in an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) solution architecture.

To help TEMs provide the best end-user experience, Radisys has collaborated with CounterPath to develop integrated mobile video service solutions built on SIP and open standards, to be delivered using the Radisys MPX-12000. The combined solution from Radisys and CounterPath is compliant with IMS standards and offers multi-platform support, enabling TEMs to quickly demonstrate services that ensure maximum addressable market and revenue growth potential for mobile operators.

“Our new Radisys MPX-12000 will provide the scalability and economics to offer profitable mobile video value-added services (VAS) in an IMS architecture, but consumption of these services requires an easy and efficient user interface on the mobile device,” said Manish Singh, CTO, Radisys. “CounterPath’s Bria softphone applications provide a compelling user experience, using the same IMS-based signaling and media interfaces supported by the Radisys MPX-12000. The Bria applications’ ability to deliver a ubiquitous user experience on a variety of mobile devices provides Radisys' customers a complete end-to-end mobile video service delivery infrastructure.”

The Bria softphone application enables an intuitive and appealing interface that allows users to adopt and consume mobile video VAS, accelerating operators’ revenue generation from mobile services. Today’s mobile video services are often constrained by proprietary solutions that only work on a subset of devices, but the CounterPath Bria interface is specifically designed to support multiple mobile client environments, broadening the appeal of a service offering to a much larger market. CounterPath’s Bria softphone works on multiple mobile platforms including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android.

“CounterPath’s Bria softphone application offers mobile operators a consistent end-user interface for the consumption of mobile video services on many of the industry’s standard platforms and devices,” said Todd Carothers, SVP of Marketing and Products at CounterPath. “The synergistic combination of Bria with the Radisys MPX-12000 provides a compelling video services solution offering for mobile operators. We are pleased with the complementary capabilities that our two companies offer together in providing mobile operators an attractive value proposition for monetizing VoIP and mobile video VAS in 3G and emerging 4G/LTE mobile networks.”

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