Thursday, February 16, 2012

CimatronE speeds design of molds for mobile and handheld devices

GIVAT SHMUEL, ISRAEL: Cimatron Ltd announced that CimatronE 10 contains important enhancements for the mobile-electronic industry.

CimatronE 10 offers a new Lifter applicative tool and a new Insert applicative tool. The Lifter application uses commercial or user designed catalog parts to automatically create any type of lifter, no matter how complex. The Insert application creates multiple inserts simultaneously. Both applications automatically create pockets in the relevant mold plates.

"Cimatron's new applicative tools have the potential to dramatically simplify the design of complex molds, leading to significant time savings in mold design process" said Ira Bareket, Cimatron's VP Sales and Marketing.

"These applications are especially useful in the mobile and handheld device industries, where a large number of lifters and inserts are found in molds," he said. "In addition, the Lifter application offers significant advantages in the automotive industry where a quick, easy operation now replaces modeling for complex lifters."

In addition to replacing routine modeling operations, these applicative tools enable Early Machining to take place. As inserts and lifters, and their relevant pockets in the cavity or core can be established at a very early stage of design, they can also be machined earlier. Performing milling and wire EDM operations early significantly reduces overall delivery time.

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