Friday, November 4, 2011

Metaswitch Perimeta session border controller validates credentials

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Metaswitch Networks, a leading provider of carrier infrastructure and software solutions, has successfully participated in the MultiService Forum (MSF) Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Interoperability Test Event 2011 with the Perimeta session border controller (SBC).

Hosted by the MSF, and backed by GSMA, September’s event was jointly hosted by Vodafone at their Düsseldorf Test and Innovation Centre and by China Mobile at their Research Institute Laboratory in Beijing. Leveraging interworking interfaces and functional components defined within the 3GPP IP multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards, Metaswitch was one of a select group of companies validating this approach to delivering voice services over LTE infrastructures.

The Perimeta SBC functioned as a P-CSCF in both local and roaming scenarios, involving a number of vendors’ PCRF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, diameter routing agent and User Equipment (UE) implementations.

“The MSF VoLTE Interoperability event reflects the MSF’s commitment to carrier-driven interoperability events that validate key emerging standards and technologies, including key network interfaces that ensure multi- vendor deployment strategies for LTE/EPC/IMS technology. We are delighted that Metaswitch participated at the 2011 event,” said Kyu-Ouk Lee, MSF president.

Launched last month, Perimeta represents a new class of SBC. Meeting a vital session control requirement in underlying VoLTE architecture standards, the platform features a unique distributed implementation that enables the independent scaling of signaling and media capacity.

A pre-requisite in NGN, where services such as IM and presence will dramatically increase SIP messages, this approach can also significantly reduce the costs associated with handling rising multimedia payloads that include HD voice and video.

Exposing Gm, Mw, Izi and Ici interfaces, Perimeta enabled calls between the Düsseldorf and Beijing testing sites during the IOT event. The Perimeta SBC also operated simultaneously as a P-CSCF and combined IBCF/TrGW for international roaming calls, thereby meeting a critical interop objective.

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