Monday, November 21, 2011

MTS launches innovative solution to optimize mobile Internet

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), the leading telecommunications operator in Russia and the CIS countries, announced the deployment of Flash Networks' Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway to optimize the volume of mobile data traffic. With this deployment, MTS is able to reduce content and web page download times and increase mobile Internet speed.

Flash Networks' Harmony optimizes picture, video, and other mobile data to ensure the fastest possible download speed regardless of which mobile device is used to connect to the Internet – mobile phone, tablet, or PC via 3G-modem. In order to reduce mobile network traffic load while viewing a video stream, Harmony applies a special buffering mechanism to allow users to watch video streams as they load, without downloading the entire video.

MTS launched a pilot project to test the technology for all customers in Murmansk. By the end of 2011, the new traffic optimization technology will be available to all users of the MTS unlimited mobile Internet in Russia. The solution was developed by Flash Networks and integrated in MTS' network together with the Russian system integrator Technoserv.

"The solution introduced by MTS will provide our customers with faster and more convenient Internet access as the up-to-date text and multimedia compression technology applied by Flash Networks optimizes data in a way practically imperceptible to the human eye," said Sergei Stepanyuk, head of Data Transmission Department at MTS. "Using the data optimization platform allows us to reduce our mobile network data transmission load by almost 40 percent and our transit load by 30 percent, ultimately resulting in faster Internet speeds and better quality of data services for our users."

"We are pleased to offer MTS the most advanced solution for managing traffic while providing mobile Internet services. Harmony enables MTS to optimize up to 90% of its mobile Internet traffic, including web and video applications, and to provide complete data services to its subscribers," said Merav Bahat, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Flash Networks. "MTS has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative operators in Russia and the CIS countries. By choosing our solution, they have significantly strengthened their leading role in wireless data transmission services."

"Having deployed the Harmony solution, MTS has further advanced its line of projects aimed at data traffic management. These projects will not only significantly improve the quality of services provided to their clients, but will also considerably optimize the cost of traffic. Technoserv, together with its partners, has been helping MTS deploy the most up-to-date and efficient solutions for more than six years, and we believe that this project will lead to the successful development of further business," said Andrey Borodin, Technoserv account director for JSFC "Sistema".

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