Thursday, November 17, 2011

Android market: Sweden outperforms US in app download per user

GERMANY: In comparison to the Swedish, Dutch or German markets, the USA underperforms in app downloads per user. Nevertheless the US is still the largest market in total app downloads, holding more than 50 percent of the total market share.

Users based in the largest Android markets are not necessarily the most active app downloaders. Looking at the average app downloads per smartphone user, cash cow markets are also to be found outside of the largest market. With an average of more than 5 downloads per smartphone user per month, usage patterns in Sweden reflects a high interest in apps. The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Spain follow slightly behind, all averaging above 4 apps per user. This is well above the US average, which is slightly above 2.Source: Research2Guidance, Germany.

Higher numbers of app downloads per smartphone user demonstrates a society’s openness toward new apps and shows the market’s rate of absorption and growth potential. In these countries the rate of total app downloads is likely to increase with less marketing efforts.

By grouping the above countries along two dimensions: the number of downloads per smartphone user and the level of android smartphone penetration, four major types of environments for app market growth emerge:

Markets With A Relatively High Growth Potential – These markets have a relatively high number of downloads per smartphone user per month, but relatively low Android smartphone penetration overall.

Cash Cow Markets – “Cash Cow Markets” exhibit relatively high Android smartphone penetration rates and relatively high numbers of app downloads per user per month.

Very High Growth Potential/Resistant to Change – Based on different societal factors, including consumer behavior, countries in this category have either a very high growth potential or are resistant to change.

Highly Saturated Markets – Markets with a very high Android smartphone penetration rate, but with a very low number of app downloads per user per month.

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