Monday, April 5, 2010

Aeroflex launches TD-SCDMA PXI Measurement Suite for testing of cell phones and RFICs

STEVENAGE, UK: Aeroflex has introduced its PXI 3030 TD-SCDMA Measurement Suite to provide fast and cost-effective production testing of mobile handsets and RFICs based on ETSI 3GPP TS 34-122.

“Aeroflex is targeting the rapid growth in demand for TD-SCDMA cell phones with our new test suite,” said Tim Carey, product manager, PXI 3000 Series. “With the total number of Chinese cell phones exceeding 300 million units, the need for high throughput test systems is vital to manufacturers who need to keep up with the growth in China.”

The PXI 3000 Series brings speed and modularity to the TD-SCDMA test market. It supports all major cellular standards, including 3GPP LTE, CDMA2000, 1xEVDO, GSM, W-CDMA, and mobile WiMAX. The wireless connectivity standards WLAN and Bluetooth are expected to be integrated into most TD-SCDMA phones and are also supported in this single box solution.

Aeroflex customers can upgrade and add new standards to their test systems quickly through simple software upgrades as the need for hybrid phones featuring TD-SCDMA and alternative 2G or 3G standards starts to pick up.

Aeroflex PXI test systems lower the cost of TD-SCDMA production testing The PXI Measurement Suite makes parametric measurements of TD-SCDMA transmitters and supports high-speed alignment and performance verification of devices operated in a non-signalling mode. Applications include high-speed/high-throughput mobile handset testing as well as RFIC characterization.

Aeroflex PXI 3000 Series platform lowers cost of production testing of cell phones
The platform provides high yield and throughput, achieving dramatic improvements in test time using speed-optimizing techniques such as multi-thread processing, pipelined capture, and fast-sequence tuning (FST).

In addition, Aeroflex’s capability of including test coverage of multiple wireless standards in one box allows customers the flexibility to change test capability without incurring large expenses or changes in their production test processes. The TD-SCDMA Measurement Suite is compatible for use with any Aeroflex 3030 Series RF digitizer.

PXI test solutions from Aeroflex are configured from a wide variety of modular instruments including vector signal analyzers, vector signal generators, RF conditioning modules, PXI chassis/controllers, and software options.

For pricing relevant to specific needs, contact Aeroflex sales. TD-SCDMA test solutions are available to ship within four to six weeks. Software upgrades to existing systems are available immediately as software retrofits.

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