Friday, April 16, 2010

GigaBeam publishes new specs for Gi-CORE

DURHAM, USA: GigaBeam, a global leader in gigabit wireless solutions in the 70/80 GHz spectrum, has released a new version of its flagship product, the Gi-CORE. New specs reflecting material improvements to Gi-CORE are available on GigaBeam's Web site.

Since being first to market in 2005, Gi-CORE has consistently outperformed competitors and continues to deliver competitive advantages over all available products.

Distinguishing features of Gi-CORE include: being the only true Layer 1 product on the market with the best link budget available in the 70/80 GHz application, Automatic Transmit Power Control with the widest dynamic range of 0 – 45 dB and fasted slew rate, the lowest latency available at < 4.5us per radio, the most robust modulation scheme, advanced Forward Error Correction.

Gi-CORE also has the ability to transport unlimited packet sizes on both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as redundant and independent power supplies.

"We work hard to keep improving our products," said S. Jay Lawrence, CEO, GigaBeam. "Our distinguishing features prove that we can outperform any competitor. Combining our history, satisfied customers, and the fact that our links have been deployed in the field longer than anybody else, makes GigaBeam the most proficient millimeter wave company in the industry. We've listened to our customers and these improvements to our flagship product reflect their needs."

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