Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ixia demos high-density 10GE testing for IxN2X platform

Interop Las Vegas 2010, CALABASAS, USA: Ixia, a leading, global provider of converged IP network test solutions, demonstrated its new NGY high-density 10GE load module running the company’s recently acquired IxN2X platform at its Interop 2010 booth.

NGY load modules provide the industry’s highest-density 10GE traffic generation solution, and offer complete with layer 2-7 packet generation, routing emulation, and application testing functionality in a single load module. The new NGY 10GE hardware uses the same field-proven architecture as Ixia’s legacy IxYukon load modules with increased performance.

The coupling of the IxN2X platform to Ixia hardware provides a seamless integration path for customers who want to take advantage of previous IxN2X investments and test scripting, while needing higher-density 10GE hardware not previously offered by the Agilent N2X product line. It also allows customers to combine N2X and NGY ports in a single test configuration.

“Ixia’s development of the NGY 10GE load module simplifies the integration of IxN2X and Ixia solutions by allowing both sets of applications to run on unifying hardware,” commented Rajiv Papneja, Director of Technology at Isocore. “The combination of IxN2X applications on high-density 10GE cards and ability to use Ixia’s test applications allows users to test a broader spectrum of technologies and devices using a single test platform.”

This combination of the N2X line and Ixia hardware reinforces Ixia’s commitment to preserve the IxN2X roadmap. The demonstration comes on the heels of the just-released 6.13 version of the IxN2X software, which includes valuable new features such as:

* IEEE 1588 precision timing protocol emulation
* L2VPN BGP emulation software
* IPv6 capabilities for PPPoX
* SIP over IPv6 emulation
* HDMI Ethernet test capability
* PVST+ Emulation
* New high performance controller running 64-bit Windows 2008

Ixia is dedicated to providing the best from both the N2X and Ixia worlds by meeting IxN2X customer commitments and strengthening the IxN2X portfolio via product development and investment. Ixia will also continue to maintain and update its FUSION program to ensure a smooth transition for N2X customers, and to provide the best of N2X and Ixia’s applications to all customers.

“Since its acquisition in October 2009, IxN2X has become an important part of our testing arsenal, and we’re determined to continue to support the software and hardware through technology advances,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Ixia. “With this demonstration at Interop, and the release of the 6.13 software, Ixia has clearly proven that we are committed to delivering on a strong future for IxN2X.”

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