Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mobile operator Pannon upgrades to Teradata relationship manager

BERLIN, GERMANY: Teradata Corp., the world's largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, announced that Pannon, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Telenor Group and one of the leading mobile operators in Hungary with over 3.6 million subscribers, has upgraded to Teradata Relationship Manager (TRM) 6.0, an industry-leading software application for customer communications and analysis. The Pannon announcement was made at the annual Teradata Universe Summit in Berlin.

Pannon has been using Teradata solutions for customer management and analysis since 2004. The implementation provides capabilities for advanced segmentation and multi-step communications.

Over time, Pannon has consolidated its Teradata-driven customer segmentation system to include approximately 400 selection criteria – in addition to many other key business requirements. As Pannon's marketing requirements escalate to higher levels of sophistication that address the increasing demands of a more demanding and technically savvy consumer, Pannon plans to upgrade to the very latest, 6.2 version of TRM.

"The upgrade and the introduction of the Contact Optimizer module in TRM enables us at Pannon to use a campaign management solution with extended capabilities to handle multi-step, multi-channel and multi-offer management, and a major performance upgrade," said Geza Tarcali, Director, Products and Customer Management at Pannon.

"The concept of reusability and automation in TRM allows us to quickly launch and manage many simultaneous campaigns with unprecedented positive results."

Teradata continues to be a comprehensive data management partner with Pannon, responsible for consulting, implementation and tuning of system performance. The enhanced TRM-driven system optimizes marketing analysis and outreach while also introducing new approaches at Pannon, including customer lifecycle marketing and inbound marketing. According to Pannon, the system is on track to increase customer satisfaction and boost profit margins while supporting a new and more sophisticated marketing strategy.

Pannon has declared the TRM project a success as it opens to the marketing team new business opportunities with a more powerful architecture, easier navigation and exceptional out-of-the-box functionality. Teradata Relationship Manager dramatically expands the possibilities to manage complex customer-centric communication in a timely manner across multiple contact channels.

"We are excited by Pannon's commitment to TRM – and its continuing use of Teradata Warehouse Miner, our data mining software tool used for in-database analysis," said Gerald Rosak, managing director, Teradata Eastern Europe. "Pannon is a leader and innovator in the use of advanced analytics – and is truly a cutting-edge leader in the use of enterprise data warehousing. TRM is designed to enable business users with advanced capabilities to address the emerging requirements and demands of a more sophisticated consumer."

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