Thursday, April 1, 2010

CTIA–The Wireless Association recognizes April as 'Green' month

WASHINGTON, USA: As part of its efforts to continue raising consumer awareness about the wireless industry’s commitment to creating a low-carbon economy, CTIA-The Wireless Association announced that throughout April, its blog will recognize “green” month by featuring informative videos, podcasts and updates that highlight the sector’s eco-friendly initiatives and contributions.

In addition, CTIA is supporting the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Cell Phone Recycling Week (April 5-11). The EPA’s Plug-In To eCycling program is a joint program that combines the leading cell phone manufacturers, retailers and service providers to raise national awareness about the importance of cell phone recycling., the wireless consumer advocacy organization, released a survey in March 2010 that found more than 85 percent of Americans polled were aware their cell phones or wireless devices were recyclable while almost 69 percent knew their wireless accessories were recyclable.

In addition, more than 71 percent were aware of recycling programs that would accept their used wireless products. Finally, almost 60 percent of those polled had recycled or donated an old or no longer in-service wireless device or accessory.

In addition to the independent and ongoing recycling efforts by the major US carrier companies, the wireless industry voluntarily developed a nationwide recycling campaign called “Wireless…The New Recyclable” in 2003.

The centerpiece of this public outreach and awareness campaign is an in-store phone take-back program that allows consumers to bring their used wireless devices and accessories to carrier retail outlets for recycling purposes. Consumers can learn more about this program by visiting

“Eco-friendly initiatives and contributions by our members and programs such as the EPA’s are clearly making a difference in encouraging millions of US wireless subscribers to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling their old wireless devices and accessories. We encourage consumers to take advantage of the thousands of convenient drop-off locations, including all major wireless carrier retail stores, which collect wireless phones and accessories,” said Steve Largent, president and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association.

Before recycling wireless devices, CTIA reminds consumers to follow three easy steps:

* Terminate your carrier service.
* Erase contacts and other stored personal information on the mobile phone by utilizing the free Cell Phone Data Eraser at
* Remove your phone’s SIM card, if it has one. Phones that operate on GSM networks use SIM cards. If you are not sure if your phone uses a SIM card or if you need assistance removing your SIM card, contact your wireless provider.

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