Friday, April 2, 2010

IEEE P1809 draft standard re-designated as IEEE 2030.1

PISCATAWAY, USA: IEEE, the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology announced that its draft standard addressing electric-sourced transportation infrastructure, IEEE P1809, is being re-designated as IEEE P2030.1 and will join the organization’s IEEE P2030 Smart Grid family of standards.

The update to the standard’s designation reflects a deepening intersection between the two standards, including common objectives and complementary technologies. The re-designation is effective immediately.

“IEEE P2030.1 and IEEE P2030 share a number of mutual objectives, supported by interrelated and complementary technologies. This re-designation to IEEE P2030.1 opens the door to greater sharing of information, expertise, and resources, to the benefit of both standards,” said Siri Jodha Khalsa, chair of IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC) 40.

“We believe that this move will foster a more coordinated, integrated relationship between IEEE P2030 and IEEE P2030.1, sparking new Smart Grid technology innovation and development.”

IEEE P2030.1 addresses applications for electric-sourced vehicles and related support infrastructure used in road-based personal and mass transportation. The final standard is targeted for use by utilities, manufacturers, transportation providers, infrastructure developers and end users, and provides a knowledge base addressing terminology, methods, equipment, and planning requirements for such transportation and its impacts on commercial and industrial systems.

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