Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vitesse advances energy efficiency solutions for Ethernet networking

CAMARILLO, USA: Vitesse Semiconductor Corp., a leading provider of advanced IC solutions for carrier and Enterprise networks, has announced the second generation of its award-winning EcoEthernet technology, with power-saving features exceeding the IEEE’s 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standards.

EcoEthernet 2.0 delivers the industry’s richest energy efficient feature set and minimizes power in the network by optimizing performance for all link speeds. For the first time, Vitesse’s solution offers industry OEMs unique energy-saving flexibility in temperature monitoring, smart fan control, and adjustable LED brightness for green network appliances.

Regardless of the network speed, EcoEthernet 2.0 optimizes performance for the greenest Enterprise LANs, data centers, and Carrier networks possible. Gigabit Ethernet ports dissipate well below 400 mW, while drawing less than 200 mW when operating in Fast Ethernet speeds.

Features intended to reduce fan and front-panel display power ensure that switches and Carrier access systems based on EcoEthernet 2.0 will offer the lowest possible energy use for the next- generation of green network appliances.

The recent work of the IEEE’s 802.3az EEE Task Force to establish further green opportunities for Ethernet are aligned with coalition efforts such as The Green Grid and GreenTouch for making Enterprise, data center, and telecom networks more energy efficient. Vitesse’s EcoEthernet technology allows manufacturers to design products for these emerging standards.

“Until now, most Ethernet IC development has focused solely on the cost and performance gains achieved by using 65-nm technology. However, relying on this process alone is not a comprehensive green strategy,” said Jason Rock, product marketing manager at Vitesse.

“Vitesse’s EcoEthernet 2.0 is essential to fully optimize energy-efficiency, by accounting for system factors such as fan power, display power, and other aspects of a networking or IT system that can affect power load. EcoEthernet 2.0 not only gives our customers a differentiator for their products, but helps them maximize resources and gain a competitive edge.”

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