Monday, June 6, 2011

KYOCERA produces industry's first crystal unit with temperature sensor compatible with Qualcomm chipsets

KYOTO, JAPAN: Kyocera Corp. has produced the industry's first crystal unit with a thermistor, a temperature sensing component. This product named "CT2520DB" is an AT cut type crystal unit with a size of 2.5 x 2.0mm. Kyocera started providing samples in March.

Mobile handsets such as cellular phones require crystal devices to produce the reference signal for stable communication. In these systems, temperature compensation of the crystal unit is quite important to minimize frequency change under a wide operating temperature range.

These days crystal units are coming to be used in many designs replacing TCXOs, a popularly used device currently, in an increasing number of smartphones, 3G and CDMA handsets; and temperature sensors are required to be placed as close as possible to the crystal unit for high precision temperature compensation.

"CT2520DB" is a crystal unit with a temperature sensor to realize high precision temperature compensation which is required in the trend of replacement of the TCXO with a crystal unit, especially in handsets using Qualcomm's chipsets.

The size of this product is 2.5x 2.0mm, the frequency is 19.2MHz, and the operating temperature range is -30 to +105 degrees Celsius which fits the specifications for wireless communication. In order to compensate frequency change caused by thermal transients, the thermistor is placed as close as possible to the crystal unit. Not only are they located close together, but delay of temperature change between the crystal unit and thermistor is minimized by placing these components on each side of a ceramic package.

The new product was created by KYOCERA Kinseki Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kyocera engaged in the development and manufacturing of crystal devices.

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