Thursday, December 3, 2009

HiBeam secures additional funding

CHESTERFIELD, USA: HiBeam Internet & Voice today announced it raised additional seed funding from private investors. Both existing and new investors participated in this funding, which HiBeam plans to use to continue to deploy 4G wireless into rural and semi-rural markets.

"Even in a challenging economy, the investment community is impressed with HiBeam's business plan," said Brent St. John, Chairman of HiBeam. "The company's management team coupled with its strategically sound plan for deployment of Internet and voice services attracted both new and existing investors."

Founded in 2007, HiBeam currently provides WiMAX service to customers in rural St. Louis and Peoria, Illinois. HiBeam is bringing top notch wireless broadband and other services to the nation's tier two through tier five markets in the Midwest and Southeast.

"Our mission at HiBeam is to deliver the latest WiMAX equipment and 99.999% up time to rural and semi-rural America--the same high-quality service offerings that urban America takes for granted," said Michael Cassity, CEO for HiBeam. "As we enter new markets, our goal is to become an integral part of each community we have the privilege of serving."

HiBeam's customers enjoy local sales and technical support, industry-standard 4G technology, a fair price, and voice and Internet that is both simple and easy. New customers work hand-in-hand with a local technician with service being available in two days or less.

With its recent acquisition of licensed 2.5 GHz spectrum, HiBeam can potentially serve a population of 541,693 households and businesses that currently do not have the opportunity to enjoy affordable and easy-to-use voice and Internet services. HiBeam's new spectrum represents more than 47,436,873 million MHz/pops of spectrum availability.

HiBeam will launch services in Mt. Vernon/Marion, IL, and Joplin, MO in early 2010 with additional markets to rapidly follow.

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