Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cinterion Wireless Modules and Deutsche Telekom become M2M partners

MUNICH & BONN, GERMANY: Cinterion Wireless Modules, the global leader in cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) communication modules, and Deutsche Telekom AG, have signed a strategic partnership to collaboratively manage M2M customer projects and promote the sustainable development of the M2M marketplace.

The agreement allows the two companies to leverage their complementary core strengths and vertical market know-how to further strengthen their position in the global M2M landscape.

“Cooperation with manufacturers that are well established in their market is an important brick in the international M2M strategy of Deutsche Telekom,” said Rainer Deutschmann, Senior Vice President Mobile products, Deutsche Telekom AG.

“Over the years, we’ve had a close and successful relationship with Cinterion, the leading company for wireless modules. Our collaboration enriches our strong network of partners in the M2M environment and benefits our customers who receive the best service and solutions possible. We look forward to working more closely with Cinterion in the future to provide our common customers around the globe with compelling solutions.”

“I am convinced that Cinterion and Deutsche Telekom offer outstanding professional competence by combining their forces,” said Norbert Muhrer, CEO Cinterion Wireless Modules. “We’ll work together to reduce complexity and total cost of ownership as well as speed time to market and provide reliable and long-lasting, stable solutions. The partnership is another example of Cinterion’s commitment to providing forward-thinking and sustainable solutions for our customers ahead of the competition.”

Cinterion Wireless Modules and Deutsche Telekom signed this formal agreement to further expand their proven past relationship. With this agreement, they are strengthening their partnership and commitment to common product offerings, business development and sales activities in the growing M2M market. The companies will align their product portfolios and collaborate on joint customer activities.

By combining their significant individual strengths and resources to meet shared business goals and activities, the companies intend to increase overall market penetration of wireless M2M solutions and services and accelerate the demand for implementing M2M technology.

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