Friday, February 17, 2012

ESOA welcome WRC 2012 initiatives

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Satellite Operators Association, (ESOA) notes the conclusion of the World Radio Conference (WRC) in Geneva on Friday, 17th February and recognises the positive efforts of delegates to ensure continuing global co-ordination of satellite services.

ESOA applauds the modifications agreed at the WRC to improve regulatory procedure for satellite co‐ordination and notification. ESOA is confident / hopes that they will contribute to limit the discrepancies between the ITU database and the true situation at geostationary orbit.

In particular, they will allow an operator to maintain rights in an orbital slot in the case of ceased operation for a period of three years. Clarification was also reached on the fact that satellites will now need to be stationed at a filed orbital slot for 90 days to safeguard it. ESOA hopes this will alleviate regulatory uncertainties where full co-ordination agreements could not be secured within the regulatory period.

ESOA notes that great effort was placed in co-ordinating spectrum. In the L-band, a compromise solution was agreed at item 1.7 to clarify the procedures necessary to ensure that aviation safety systems have access to spectrum in a transparent manner.
ESOA is pleased to note that satellite co-ordination remains the responsibility of the notifying administrations, with the involvement of third parties only in carefully defined circumstances.

ESOA agenda objectives were also met with regard to harmonising spectrum for the terrestrial and satellite components of unmanned aircraft to permit seamless operation in non-segregated airspace. In particular, the WRC agreed to further study the satellite component by adding an agenda item to the next WRC in 2015 to study the possibility of using FSS frequency bands for UAS control links.

Agenda item 1.2 was a satisfactory result for members with minor changes and a Resolution to study further terrestrial service definitions.

Eric BĂ©ranger, chairman, ESOA, said: "As always the WRC represents a major challenge to ESOA members and to the continued operation of satellite delivered services around the globe. I am delighted to say that European satellite industry interests have been well-served by this important conference and on behalf of ESOA members I thank the Delegates to the WRC 2012 for their efforts."

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