Thursday, February 9, 2012

AirStrip announces investment from Qualcomm

SAN ANTONIO, USA: AirStrip Technologies Inc. has received a strategic investment from Qualcomm Inc., acting through its Qualcomm Life Fund. Qualcomm invests in emerging technologies and business models that further accelerate the wireless market. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

The Qualcomm Life Fund, an investment allocation of Qualcomm that is managed by Qualcomm Ventures, Qualcomm’s investment group, focuses on investments in venture-backed wireless health companies and start-ups that will help accelerate commercialization of wireless health technologies, such as the Qualcomm Life 2net Platform. Areas of specific interest range from personal wellness to disease management.

The AirStrip Technologies platform allows clinicians to securely access patient monitoring data such as continuous heart tracings and other waveforms - along with other physiologic parameters such as blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation, weight, and pulse - from EMRs, bedside monitors and devices, lab, and other clinical information systems. Physicians, nurses and case managers can view and interact with the information seamlessly using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

AirStrip solutions are FDA cleared, compliant with federal patient privacy standards and are CE Mark certified for sale in Europe and elsewhere.

“AirStrip Technologies has developed and implemented the most sophisticated suite of native mobile solutions available today,” AirStrip CEO Alan Portela noted. “We recognize where the future lies for mobility in healthcare: erasing the boundaries to more effectively diagnose and treat patients throughout the continuum of care. We are pleased to announce this investment by the Qualcomm Life Fund, which acknowledges the game-changing potential presented by the AirStrip platform.”

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