Monday, November 7, 2011

DisplayLink USB virtual graphics and Wisair’s wireless USB single chip enables NETGEAR’s universal wireless PC to HDTV adapter

PALO ALTO, USA: Display Link, the leading provider of technology for virtual graphics and USB-connected computing and Wisair, the leading vendor of UWB and Wireless USB single chip based solutions, announced that the soon to be available wireless NETGEAR Universal Push2TV HD Adapter (model PTUV1000) leverages technology from both companies.

Enabling wireless connectivity between legacy and a wide range of Notebook PCs and HD televisions, the Universal Push2TV HD Adapter does not require third party wireless software to show any web or locally stored content, and uses HDTV as an extended second monitor for extra desktop space.

“NETGEAR has leveraged technology from DisplayLink and Wisair to deliver an innovative solution connecting any Windows-based PC wirelessly to any HD display,” said Dennis Crespo, DisplayLink executive VP of marketing and business development. “This new device allows any content from Netflix, CNN, YouTube, Twitter or any other source to stream or display on any HDMI-enabled.”

By allowing users to wirelessly connect their laptop to their HDTV and watch personal content, or any Internet web site on the big screen, the Universal Push2TV HD adapter capitalizes on the hottest market trends - Internet (viewing online video and TV), PC (smaller form factor laptops storing big amounts of personal content) and the popularity of HDTVs.

These trends create an increasing demand for wireless connectivity between laptops and HDTVs to share, view and enjoy the availability and richness of online and PC stored content.

"Demand for Wireless PC to TV keeps growing. Users clearly want to connect their laptop PC to the TV and surf the Internet from the comfort of their couch without any limitations imposed by cables,” said David Yaish, Wisair president and CEO. “We are honored to have NETGEAR on board and happy to collaborate with DisplayLink and see that the Universal Push2TV HD adapter Wireless PC to TV adapter is now available in the market.”

“In addition to cable-free connection from any PC to HD display for home entertainment, NETGEAR’s new adapter has high value in business settings,” said Damir Skripic, NETGEAR product line manager Connected Entertainment. “Millions of legacy PCs used in businesses can now easily present any content via wireless in full HD 1080p. And any HDTV can instantly become an extended monitor for applications that can benefit from more screen real estate.”

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