Friday, September 17, 2010

ZTE clinches Reliance’s UMTS contract in India

SHENZHEN, CHINA: ZTE Corp. has secured the commercial contract to deploy the new GSM/UMTS project for India’s leading telecom operator, Reliance Communications. Under the agreement, ZTE will build and supply 2G and 3G equipment for 8 of Reliance’s network circles, out of a total 13.

In this project, the network to be deployed by ZTE for Reliance is based on the standard SDR platform (the 2G/3G/HSPA/HSPA+ unified platform), which can not only realize multiple modes for a single base-station, but also evolve smoothly into next generation networks (NGNs) like LTE.

This provides a powerful guarantee for cost-effective networking and future evolution of the overall project. Technologically speaking, ZTE’s green base-stations are already the most advanced in the industry.

“The collaboration between ZTE and Reliance is a key milestone for ZTE in India for 2010. For this project, we will deploy a solution able to seamlessly accommodate 2G and 3G networks on the same platform, which is also capable of evolving into future 4G network,” said a key ZTE spokesperson.

“Prior to this, the technology had been widely adopted in China itself as well as overseas markets such as Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. We are very confident of our cooperation with Reliance, and our ability to bring advanced solutions and services to our other clients. As always, ZTE will continue to invest in and address the India market, and treat Indian accounts as our global strategic partners.”

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