Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Samsung puts fresh thrust on dual SIM handset market

BANGALORE, INDIA: Leading mobile phone provider, Samsung Electronics has enhanced its dual Sim offering in the Indian market by announcing the launch of three new dual Sim handsets which include Samsung Star Duos , the industry’s first ever 3G and 2G touch Dual-Sim Active phone Guru Dual 25 (GT-E1225) and Guru Dual 26 (GT-E1252).

Ranjit Yadav, director-Mobile & IT, Samsung Electronics, stated: “The dual-Sim market continues to be a strong focus area for us. We’re looking at enhancing our presence in this segment through Innovation and excellence. The new product line up is an example of the same. Samsung’s dual–Sim offerings range from Duos, Dual–Sim Active Touch, standby and Dual–Sim shift advantage thereby giving consumers a wider choice in economical operator tariff plans and product benefits.”

The new Samsung Star Duos is the industry’s first 3G + 2G Dual-Standby Touch phone, best suited for consumers who prefer Full – touch functionality in their phones. The 3G + 2G (HSDPA + EDGE) Dual Standby expands communication networks by utilizing two SIM cards to expertly manage both work and life tasks in one unit, and allows switching between both without re - powering the handset. The WAP/MMS/E-mail supported software keeps the user always connected.

The Touch functionality helps in instant messaging, easy access to mobile applications and business related features. While dedicated widgets seamlessly manage switching between 2 SIM cards, the 3 page extended Menu and Touchwiz 2.0 plus provides intuitive UI for easy navigation.

The Samsung B-7722 has distinct Business Features and tools to maintain a mobile office: Active Sync which updates e-mails from the desktop to the user’s mobile, Phone Book 2000 for organizing contacts, Document viewer handles MS Office, PDF TXT and other files, Multi –language dictionary and an offline mode which allows the user to turn off his/her phone while he/she continues to work on other functions.

The versatile Multimedia experience of GT–B7722 is further accentuated by the SoundAlive feature, 5MP AF Camera with Power LED, FindMusic that tracks down new song titles for download on MP3 and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP to enjoy music on wireless headset. It comes with a 250MB Internal memory, expandable upto 16GB.

The phone offers enhanced connectivity to various social networking sites through Wi-Fi connections, users can upload photos & videos to sites like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr and Multi IM created limitless chat opportunities to Palringo, Gtalk and AOL. The Samsung GT B7722 is priced at Rs. 12,300.

The Samsung Guru Dual 25 (GT–E1225) and Samsung Guru Dual 26 ( GT–E1252) capture the user-centric benefits of the Guru series and provides users with benefits like Large display, stereo FM, Torch, nine regional language support and phonebook and SMS memory to store upto 1000.

The Dual-SIM Shift feature of Guru Dual 25 allows users to carry 2 SIMS on the phone, however only one SIM is active at a time. Users can choose to switch between each SIM as per his convenience. With the Dual – Sim Standby feature of Samsung Guru Dual 26, users can access two separate network and best call rate for better coverage. Users can maintain a personal and business number and use the SIMs for both local and roaming services. The phone also has easy setting for each SIM and is easy to use.

Guru Dual 25 has a large screen size of 1.8” inches QQVGA TFT, while Guru Dual 26 has wide display of 2” QQVGA 262K TFT LCD , with both phones designed to provide superior ergonomic comfort to users. The powerful sound output of phones coupled with Stereo FM radio adds to audio pleasure.

The Samsung E-1225 is also equipped with a 3.5 pi ear jack to further enhance the audio experience. The long battery life of the handsets provide for longer talk time. For Example, Samsung Guru Dual 25 has a 800mAh battery with a talk time of upto 9 hours and a stand by time upto 420 hours. Samsung Guru Dual 26 has a 1000mAh extended battery with 11 hours of talk time and 620 hours in standby mode. The handsets are also equipped with games, mobile prayer, Indian calendar, 40 poly ring tones, SOS message and Bike mode features.

The Samsung Guru Dual 25 (GT–E1225) is priced at: Rs. 2,020 and the Samsung Guru Dual 26 (GT–E 1252) is priced at Rs. 2,240.

With the launch of these three phones, Samsung’s Dual–Sim portfolio now boasts of 10 models in the range of Rs. 2,020 to Rs. 12,300. ”We are looking at the Dual Sim portfolio contributing at least 25 percent to our full year mobile handset sales this year,” stated Yadav.

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