Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Microtune ships over 7.5 million wideband tuners for use in DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 3.0-based devices

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2010, PLANO, USA: As a key indicator of the robust growth of the DOCSIS/ EuroDOCSIS 3.0 technology market, Microtune Inc. announced that it has shipped more than 7.5 million wideband tuners for use in DOCSIS 3.0-based devices.

Leading cable equipment suppliers have built their DOCSIS 3.0 equipment around Microtune’s MT2170 wideband tuner and its companion product, the MT1570 wideband upstream amplifier.

Customers’ ground-breaking products have ranged from data-only cable modems and voice-and-data routers to high-end IPTV gateways. All leverage channel bonding techniques to achieve downstream data rates of 160 Mbps or higher, with the potential to deliver a range of new Internet protocol (IP) services that is now only beginning to be realized.

“Collaborating with Microtune on our extended line of DOCSIS 3.0-based products ensures that our worldwide customers can deliver the highest quality data and voice experience today and be assured of their ability to accommodate sufficient bandwidth to support the converged IP video services of tomorrow," said Bruce McClelland, president, ARRIS Broadband Communications Systems.

“The DOCSIS 3.0 specifications have proven a significant catalyst for cable market growth and innovation, and it continues to transform the worldwide industry,” said James A. Fontaine, president and CEO of Microtune. “Our proven tuners and amplifiers are providing the foundation for our customers’ DOCSIS 3.0 product lines, which in turn, makes it easy for them to evolve new wideband features and services as the DOCSIS 3.0 network rollout continues its momentum.”

“DOCSIS 3.0-certified equipment has become an integral component in the cable industry’s strategy to meet the growing demand for high-bandwidth services such as IP video,” said Mike Paxton, principal analyst, In-Stat. “In addition, most cable TV operators believe that they are just at the beginning of their DOCSIS 3.0 product deployment curve.”

CableLabs’ DOCSIS 3.0 specifications enable downstream data rates of 160 Mbps or higher and upstream data rates of 120 Mbps or higher.

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