Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zingaya launches next gen VoIP/flash-based click-to-talk services in North America

SANTA CLARA, USA; DEMOFall 2010: Zingaya has announced the North American launch of its next generation click-to-talk services.

Zingaya enables voice calls through any computer via an easy-to-install widget embedded on any webpage. There is no download, and no phone is required for the caller. A visitor to a website simply clicks the "Call" button on the widget, which immediately forwards their VoIP call to landlines, mobile phones, Skype accounts, or other computers -- whichever the website operator has specified.

Early interest in Zingaya is coming from:
* Online retailers looking to make incoming customer service and sales calls more efficient and cost-effective.
* Social media sites with a need to more easily connect users with one another.
* Large distributed organizations that can use Zingaya with their existing internal phone directories as a way to more seamlessly connect employees.

"Through the growth of Skype and now Google voice, consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to making phone calls from their computer," said Alexey Aylarov, project manager and co-founder at Zingaya. "We have created the first enterprise-grade, highly scalable, secure, cross platform click-to-talk solution that offers the best sound quality available today."

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