Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ERCOM presenting new extension of LTE Mobipass product range

PARIS, FRANCE: After the introduction of UE-L1L2L3 module emulating up to 1024 UEs in one chassis for system test teams, ERCOM is proud to introduce its UE-L1L2 module dedicated to modem test.

ERCOM is now the only test equipment provider able to have a complete range of test solution for eNodeBs offering an homogenous test environment to the different test and integration teams of its customers.

This new Mobipass product is offering a very economical and an easy to use solution. With, you can stress your scheduler with the emulation of 1024 UEs in one chassis, using each of the physical channels defined by 3GPP.

Easy to drive from L1 or L2 according to tester needs, ERCOM provides user friendly graphical interface that allow customers to collects and decodes TTI logs with full decoding at TTI level for each UEs as well as radio signal received by the tester. ERCOM also provides RLC and MAC full decoding.

Its powerful channel emulator allows to define RF path characterization for each UE without any changes in the lab setup.

Following main features are available:
* TxDiv & MIMO 2x2.
* Direct CPRI link to the eNodeB or RF link.
* RLC TM, UM and AM modes.
* 5MHz, 10MHz and 20MHz bandwidth.

And key differentiators such as:
* Channel emulator with per-UE behavior.
* Real-time dashboard including multi-UE traffic fairness analysis.
* Per-TTI and per-UE extended L1/L2 traces.

Different LTE bands are available upon request, easily upgradable to allow switching between UEL1L2L3-module configuration and UE-L1L2 module, the flexibility of Mobipass® product range will allow user to share the same test environment for modem test, system integration, functional and load test teams.

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