Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Opnext and JDSU demo error-free 100GE traffic transmission

FREMONT & MILPITAS, USA: Opnext Inc. and JDSU announced participation in the successful operation of IEEE-compliant 100GE optics, further validating the feasibility of pluggable optics for 100GE.

The successful transmission included transmitting and receiving Ethernet traffic at 100GE through an Opnext 100GBASE-LR4 CFP Multi-Source Agreement (CFP MSA) compliant optical module using the JDSU Optical Network Test instrument (ONT) with 100GE module.

Opnext has previously demonstrated CFP MSA modules carrying PRBS (Pseudo-Random Bit Stream) test patterns. This was the first demonstration of 100GbE IP packets being successfully transmitted and received over a 100GBASE-LR4 interface. Testing was conducted continuously for over 40 hours without errors.

"Opnext is proud to continue our tradition of bringing high performance emerging standards technology to the market using our in-house technology in key optical components such as lasers and photo-diodes," said Tadayuki Kanno, president of Opnext's module business unit. "We plan to bring our manufacturing excellence and quality to the 40GbE and 100GbE market."

JDSU 100GE testers are gaining widespread acceptance by network equipment, component, and subassembly manufacturers and service providers in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

"This milestone is important to JDSU because it tells us that we are delivering the right 100GE test solutions to our customers at a critical time for them, for us, and for the industry," said Dave Holly, president of JDSU's Communications Test and Measurement business segment.

"Intense competition and the need to drive growth while reducing operating costs make test and network management a vital component for all manufacturers and service providers seeking the reliable delivery of 100GE."

The JDSU 100GE test suite evaluates and verifies components, subassemblies and network equipment and will be able to help service providers ensure reliable performance on new network builds.

The Opnext, TRC5E20ENF, CFP MSA compliant module is designed to support the 100GBASE-LR4 interface in the IEEE Draft 100Gigabit Ethernet standard. This CFP MSA module is sampling and available to customers.

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