Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Huawei partners with Metaswitch for packet protocol software

LONDON, UK: Metaswitch Networks, the world's leading independent provider of network protocol software, announced today that Huawei Technologies has expanded on the companies’ existing relationship by licensing a broad portfolio of Metaswitch’s network protocol software to power Huawei’s next generation family of packet transport platforms.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Metaswitch is providing Huawei with Metaswitch’s unicast and multicast routing, packet MPLS, and VPN / PWE support. Huawei will also take advantage of Metaswitch’s integrated control plane components that bond together the protocol stacks to deliver a fully integrated solution.

The original relationship between Huawei and Metaswitch goes back to 2002 when Metaswitch provided control plane software for Huawei’s optical networking platforms. This new agreement significantly expands the relationship to include a much broader set of Metaswitch protocol products to be deployed on a new set of Huawei packet platforms.

“An essential ingredient of our success in recent years has been Metaswitch’s quality engineering and exceptional support,” said Jeffrey Li, Director of Software Department in Huawei’s Network Business Unit.

“They have provided a rock-solid foundation for our optical products, and have allowed us to focus our engineering resources on the value-added features that distinguish us in the market. This has been a very successful partnership so far, and we are confident of continued success going forward.”

"Licensing a significant package of network protocol software to one of the top providers of networking equipment in the world, not to mention the largest supplier of telco equipment in China, speaks volumes for our software and support,” said Phil McConnell, General Manager of Metaswitch’s Network Protocols Division.

Metaswitch has developed portable network protocol source code based on its N-BASE portability technology for over 25 years. The company's industry leading MPLS and IP Routing solutions, which include unicast and multicast protocols, are architected to handle the scale and reliability requirements of the most demanding applications while providing the extensibility and full feature set to support IP VPNs, QoS, traffic engineering, and optical control plane function.

The portability and robustness of the N-BASE protocol products, plus superb engineering and exceptional support, provide telecommunications equipment manufacturers with an unrivaled technical solution that reduces engineering cost and greatly improves time to market.

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