Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ascom delivers green DECT communication for Climate Change Conference

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN: Ascom Wireless Solutions, the leading supplier of on-site communications, has been selected as the supplier of an IP-based DECT communications solution to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

The solution will ensure that security guards and service people have access to reliable critical communications during the conference wherever they are located in the enormous conference facilities.

The new flexible solution makes it possible to connect new users quickly, an issue that is of great importance during the conference. It will also reduce power consumption significantly as a result of the transition to VoIP.

“The IP-DECT-based communication system from Ascom uses significantly less power and enables the conference centre to reduce its CO2 emissions. The VoIP Gateway handles around 1500 IP telephony users and consumes only 10W which is an extremely low figure compared to other technologies. Our wireless telephony platform definitely harmonises with the climate conference’s green image and it is great to be able to contribute in practice to the environmental topic", says Rune Roed Schøler, Product Manager at Ascom.

The conference centre can also reuse its existing infrastructure, radio base stations and handsets, and simultaneously achieve a high degree of flexibility as an unlimited number of new handsets can be added to the system without the need to pull cables.

“There is no doubt that the conference centre will now have a future-proofed modular solution that can be easily upgraded in line with their evolving needs of more functions and features. Furthermore, it gives great freedom to run communications through their networks and the solution is more reliable and easier to administrate than other mobile cellular solutions”, concludes Rune Roed Schøler.

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