Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ZTE demos most advanced video conferencing product

InfoComm 2013, CHINA: ZTE Corp. will demonstrate its high efficiency terminal at Infocomm 2013 in Orlando Florida. This will be the world's most advanced terminal to support the H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) technology.

H.265 HEVC technology is currently the world's most advanced video codec technology. It doubles the video compression efficiency of H.264 High Profile technology and offers 720P video image quality at a bandwidth cost of only 256K. ZTE is the world’s first provider to demonstrate its H.265 HD device in the industry.

While the industry chain of video communications applications is quickly moving forward, there is a growing demand for easy access to high-definition video content and services anytime, anywhere and with any terminal. As more video applications are released with higher definition, frame rates and compression ratios, more limitations are found in H.264, the current video codec standard. In response to this need, the ITU approved the HEVC/H.265 standard in 2013, which requires only half the bandwidth to ensure the same quality video allowed by H.264, and in turn greatly reduces the cost of operator network construction.

With the application of video conferencing products that support H.265 and the popularization of LTE and other 4G wireless technologies, mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices will be able to directly play online full HD (1080P) video, which will help popularize high-definition video conferencing in the 4G network, hence extended application scope of video conferencing services and greatly improved commercial viability of video services.

The H.265 video conferencing product provides much better video quality and greater color vividness by supporting both 4K (4096 × 2160) and 8K (8192 × 4320) ultra-high-definition video formats.

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