Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Starhome acquires MACH’s European data clearing and NRTRDE business

SWITZERLAND: Starhome, a global provider of solutions to optimize multi-network mobility, announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire almost the entirety of MACH’s data clearing and NRTRDE business within the European Economic Area (European Union countries plus Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway), which is being divested by Syniverse.

MACH is a leading provider of cloud-based managed communication services worldwide. The acquired business is a completely functional, independent entity comprising 76 mobile network operator customers (including groups and first tier MNOs), an experienced management team, dedicated employees, a fully operational service platform in Europe, and an R&D and operations center in India.

The acquisition includes full worldwide ownership of all intellectual property rights of the MACH brand, trademarks and logo; MACH Data Clearing and NRTRDE processing applications and platform; MACH MDS framework layer, MACH Smart (including MACH Dashboards), MACH Roaming Management Services (MACH RMS) and the MACH OPTIMIZER. The acquisition is contingent upon approval of Starhome by the European Commission and other applicable jurisdictions.  

During 2013, Starhome and the MACH acquired business will continue to operate as separate business units to best serve their respective customers. A mutual roadmap will be developed for 2014 and beyond.

The acquisition strengthens Starhome’s position as a leader in the mobile roaming value-added services industry with the addition of MACH's cloud-based solutions: data clearing, reporting, NRTRDE and business management tools.

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