Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Linksys ships first HomePlug AV2 powerline networking kit

USA: Linksys has announced the availability of its next-generation compact design Powerline HomePlug AV2 Kit (PLEK500).

The all-new HomePlug AV2 technology allows consumers to cost-effectively upgrade their home network to smoothly handle high-bandwidth capabilities including HD / 3D video streaming, gaming and other data-intensive applications at faster speeds by simply leveraging their existing power outlets.

Combined with a Gigabit Ethernet port and HomePlug AV2 Technology, this new solution helps boost speeds of up to 500 Mbps when using computers, tablets, consoles and televisions throughout their home.

NPD Group, a market research firm, reports that there are more than 500 million devices in US homes connected to the internet and, on average, every home with Internet access has 5.7 devices connected to their home network.

The Linksys PLEK500 provides a simple way to help extend the home network into rooms that may not have wired Ethernet, have wireless dead spots or a limited wireless signal due to building materials; such as concrete or steel. With easy setup software and simple plug-and-play technology, users can easily network their devices in minutes by connecting one of the powerline adapters via a gigabit Ethernet cable to a router and plugging it into the wall, then plug the second adapter into a device that wants to be connected to the network and the other end into an electrical outlet.

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