Tuesday, June 4, 2013

EdgeConneX to construct small cell network for high-profile Northern Virginia mixed-use development

USA:  EdgeConneX  a leading provider of Infrastructure as a Service solutions, announces that it is currently constructing a small cellular (‘small cell’) network for a high-profile, ‘urban’ Northern Virginia mixed-use class ‘A’ residential and retail property development.

On the heels of EdgeConneX’s announcement declaring the deployment of a ‘rural’ small cell network for CoverageCo  throughout the State of Vermont, this second project illustrates the ready adoption of real estate developers and municipalities to leverage the technology in expanding cellular network coverage.

Small cell networks solve the problem of mobile network expansion in the wake of exponential growth and demand of mobile video and data traffic.
The networks are constructed with low-powered radio access nodes, strategically placed within small distances that extend service coverage into traditionally hard-to-reach areas such as mountainous regions, high-rise buildings and campus-style developments. Small cell networks are compatible with a wide range of air interfaces including GSM, SDMA, LTE, and WiMax, expanding the reach of both 3G and 4G networks.

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