Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Movius showcases innovative technology for operators

USA: Movius Interactive Corp., a global leader in application enablement for telecoms service providers, will demo its innovative communications applications, available to the cable operator community, at this week’s ANGA COM in Germany.

The company has a suite of services for both set top boxes and smartphones that extend home phone capabilities to other devices. One example is the company’s Visual Voicemail solution that allows subscribers to have control over their ‘voicemail inbox’ through a visual interface that lists voice messages for easy selection and a fast response time.

The application supports Android, Blackberry and IOS devices and was recently made compatible with Windows 8, allowing operators to cover a larger customer base. For cable operators visual voice messaging is an application that increases consumption and allows maximum investment in data network infrastructure, as the end user downloads all audio files utilizing the device’s data channel.

Another service offered by Movius is myIdentities, a network based solution that allows customers to extend all fixed line capabilities (voice calls, call log and voicemail) to mobile phones, in essence making the fixed line mobile. It provides subscribers with privacy, control and mobility, whilst opening up new revenue streams for operators which can charge customers a premium for additional lines on their mobile phone.

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