Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ranplan’s new in-building wireless network design and optimisation tools meet indoor data demand

ENGLAND: With up to 80 percent of data traffic already being consumed indoors, Ranplan has launched iBuildNet and iBuildNet-Fi for in-building wireless network design, simulation, optimisation and deployment.

The new Ranplan tools revolutionise the design of 2G/3G/4G (LTE) and Wi-Fi networks, along with Tetra and PMR systems for single buildings such as hotels, offices and shopping centres, as well as combined indoor-outdoor facilities including campuses, CBDs (Central Business Districts), stadiums, airports and stations.

With powerful 3D modelling, advanced algorithms and highly-automated processes, Ranplan delivers a 50 percent increase in productivity for system integrators compared with using currently available tools and typical CAPEX/OPEX savings for operators of 20-30 percent.

RF planning for indoor installations is far more complex than outdoor deployments and has to take into account issues such as signal distribution throughout complex building structures made of different materials and possible interference from outdoor cells.

With fast and accurate 3D modelling and signal coverage prediction techniques, iBuildNet can be used to design and simulate a wide range of wireless networks from microcells, repeaters and distributed antenna system to heterogeneous networks with femtocells and Wi-Fi. It also supports passive, active and hybrid signal distribution as well as multi-standard and frequency band solutions.

Ranplan’s iBuildNet-Fi is a powerful carrier grade Wi-Fi network planning and optimisation tool designed especially for high-capacity, combined indoor/outdoor venues. It features advanced 3D modelling techniques; automatic allocation for Access Point (AP) sites, Tx power and channel for Wi-Fi networks with thousands of APs; intelligent interference control; throughput distribution and capacity analysis; along with joint Wi-Fi and LTE network deployment.

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