Monday, February 25, 2013

Smaato partners with IQzone to generate incremental revenue for Android app developers and publishers

MWC 2013, SPAIN: Smaato, the leading global mobile ad exchange, announced a partnership with IQzone, a technology company specializing in post app mobile advertising solutions.

IQzone’s Postitial mobile advertising solution generates incremental revenue for Android app developers and publishers. This unique advertising technology creates a new ad slot for performance or branding campaigns that enables display of MPUs, full screen interstitial, rich media, and video ads without interrupting the user experience. The Postitial ad slot delivers increased engagement and high value eCPMs to publishers, maximizing mobile app monetization potential.

“The mobile advertising industry is a very dynamic industry with high paced technological innovation. You need the latest in technology and features in order to play a leading role in RTB-enabled mobile advertizing, therefore we are always looking for partners with innovative, state-of-the-art solutions. Partnering with IQzone enables Smaato to offer a plug-and-play post app mobile advertising solution for Android smartphones and tablets. Through this technology, user experience will be enhanced which will lead to higher monetization and significantly higher eCPMs for our publishers,” said Smaato COO Georg Fiegen.

“We are excited to be partnering with Smaato in launching IQzone’s Postitial advertising unit. Smaato is the industry’s leading Supply Side Platform and combines mobile advertising leadership with innovation in the space. This enables IQzone to instantly scale its Postitial advertising unit, giving Smaato publishers higher eCPMs and giving Ad Networks and DSPs access to incremental in-demand inventory“, said IQzone president and CEO Jim Wolfinger.

At Mobile World Congress (App Planet, Hall 8.1, D45), Smaato will showcase its latest global mobile advertising and monetization solutions. App developers are invited to drop by and to learn about Smaato’s unique global mobile ad optimization platform and global RTB ad exchange, which helps them successfully monetize their inventory on a global level.

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