Monday, February 18, 2013

Renesas Mobile showcases next gen low power LTE and high performance processing

Mobile World Congress 2013, SPAIN: Renesas Mobile Corp. will be demonstrating its latest LTE and applications processing technologies at this year’s Mobile World Congress 2013 at booth 6E25 in Hall 6.

The event will see the unveiling of the quad-core MP6530, Renesas Mobile’s latest generation communication processor platform for mid- to high-end multimode LTE smartphones. The MP6530 moves quad-core 2GHz processing power to the $200-400 segment and extends Renesas Mobile’s portfolio.

The MP6530 integrates a high-performance 2GHz big.LITTLE ARM Cortex A15/A7 application processor with its proven LTE Cat-4, DC-HSPA+/GSM modem on a single die. The processor combines high performance and extreme power efficiency to deliver exciting multimedia use cases and to extend device battery life. The MP6530 opens the door to a completely new generation of very high performance but ultra-low power consumption smartphones.

Renesas Mobile’s latest single-chip multi-mode TD-/FDD-LTE modem, the SP2532, as well as SP2531 based devices, will feature in several demonstrations that highlight the significant power and performance advantages it presents. One demonstration will compare the Renesas Mobile modem against a recent competitor’s product highlighting that, with a 2 mA/Mbit power consumption, the SP2532 delivers the industry’s best power consumption figures at a sustained 150 Mbit/s throughput.

When combined with its tiny footprint, which is 45 percent smaller than the previous generation modem, it sets a new competitive threshold others must beat in the race to deliver the best LTE modem for tablets, super- and smartphones, as well as routers and datacards. The SP253X family will also feature in demonstrations that highlight its compatibility with multiple different applications processors including NVIDIA’s Tegra3 and Tegra4.

Support for VoLTE is a hot topic with operators rolling out LTE so they can provide efficient voice services across all of their network properties. Renesas Mobile will be demonstrating VoLTE capabilities on the MP5232 platform on both TD-LTE and FDD-LTE over-the-air to Ericsson infrastructure. The voice quality will be demonstrated with the Rohde Schwarz UPV audio analyzer together with a CMW500 tester. The highlight is its ability to maintain quality of service during data calls over an LTE network. VoLTE can also offer power savings compared to 3G.

Renesas Mobile will showcase a ultra-high performance octo-core application processor, the APE6, to illustrate its power advantages and leading graphics performance. The big.LITTLE 4.4 compute engine is coupled with the latest Imagination Technologies PowerVR Series 6 Rogue graphics engine offering amazing performance in a mobile. Renesas Mobile will be demonstrating the advantages of big.LITTLE as well as a measure of the graphics capability.

“At this year’s Mobile World Congress we are showing significantly updated versions of our leading LTE products – our communications processor and our modem,” commented Jean-Marie Rolland, CTO and executive VP marketing and sales for Renesas Mobile.

“Both products provide a high performance, low power platform for next generation mobile devices. In addition, our phenomenal APE6, not only represents the leading eight-core implementation of the ARM big.LITTLE processing architecture, but is well placed to power of a new generation of advanced application processors for automotive infotainment products, tablets and LTE multi-mode communication processors for superphones.”

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