Monday, February 25, 2013

Nokia’s Lumia range refreshes the parts that other Windows Phones cannot reach

Tony Cripps, devices and platforms analyst, Ovum

SPAIN: The launch of the Lumia 520 and 720 smartphones creates a five-strong family of Nokia Windows Phone smartphones, filling in important gaps between the flagship Lumia 920 and the well-received Lumia 620.

The new Lumias leave Nokia with nowhere to hide in terms of industry scrutiny, with devices now covering most bases in terms of price points, connectivity, and segmentation.

A full range of Lumia devices is essential to Nokia’s ambitions to claw back the market share that it has lost since Symbian’s fall from grace. The Lumia 520 and 720 are also vital to Microsoft’s ambitions for Windows Phone, with Nokia clearly providing the beacon and catalyst for the platform.

However, creating a virtuous circle of supply and demand will be vital if the partners are to truly drive uptake and market acceptance after a slow start. This will require an even greater marketing push and more focus on retail outlets than we’ve seen to date. It will also be necessary to avoid the supply problems that took the shine off the Lumia 920, which has otherwise proved itself popular with reviewers.

This will be helped by Nokia’s continued investment in materials and build quality, which shine through, especially in the Lumia 720.

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