Tuesday, February 26, 2013

iPad app Brainloop Mobile 2.2 now available in Apple Store

GERMANY: Brainloop, the leading provider of solutions for enterprise-wide collaboration on confidential information and documents, today announced that its new iPad app, Brainloop Mobile 2.2, is now available in the Apple Store.

The app enables company staff to view confidential documents from Brainloop data rooms on their iPad and work on them securely using an extended set of functions. They simply need to ensure that their IT department has enabled mobile access to business-critical documents on their tablet PC.

The Brainloop Mobile 2.2 iPad app provides users with multiple new functions to edit and work on documents. These include the ability to send documents to team members directly from the app to facilitate collaborative document reviews. As well as adding notes and comments to documents, users can also write freehand remarks and highlight important points with their iPad.

To keep things in order, users benefit from a new feature that lets them import documents from other apps on their tablet and store them securely in any folder in the data room. The range of functions is complemented by multi-platform functionality that lets authorized users register for as many data rooms as they wish across several platforms.

“The iPad has become an essential tool to help mobile staff work more efficiently,” says Markus Seyfried, CTO at Brainloop. “This is especially the case when they need to work on business-critical documents, as this demands both flexibility and security. With the new Brainloop Mobile 2.2 iPad app, we’re meeting these requirements even better than before. The app’s new, intuitive set of functions make it even easier to work on documents, which has a positive effect on user acceptance and helps staff work more efficiently.”

The Brainloop Mobile app even allows users to save documents locally on the iPad and read them offline, assuming they have the relevant access permissions. Brainloop Mobile ensures that confidential documents remain confidential and are inaccessible to any other app. It involves mobile users in collaborative processes and enables them to participate in voting and approval procedures. This saves time and increases productivity while ensuring the same high level of security.

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