Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FTS to demo unique M2M billing and mobile money solutions

ISRAEL:  FTS, a global provider of billing, customer care and policy control solutions for communications and content service providers, invites Mobile World Congress 2013 attendees to learn about FTS’ industry experience and to view live demos of its M2M billing and mobile money solutions along with its established Leap Billing and Leap Policy Control solutions.

FTS’ M2M billing and policy control solution, Leap Billing for M2M, takes the tedium out of billing configurations, enabling operators to offer new deals, services and pricing models in rapid time to market. FTS helps service providers overcome business challenges by deploying new M2M services and new pricing models with no impact whatsoever on existing billing platforms and in the shortest possible time, with minimal dependency on the billing vendor.

Leap Billing for M2M incorporates a broad range of advanced features, including:
* A configurable billing and settlement engine that can handle negotiated pricing and flexible service plans and charging models.
* A dynamic business-rules engine providing unlimited policy and charging rules.
* Broad support for partners in a complex value chain, with no limit to the number of organizations or the interconnection agreements and settlements involved.

FTS’ mobile money solution, Leap Billing for Mobile Money, leverages FTS’ proven experience in the telecom industry to support the unique aspects of mobile money interactions. Leap Billing for Mobile Money provides operators with a comprehensive set of tools to support any mobile payment or banking process over the mobile network in real time, at any time, including money transfers, international remittances, mobile payments and commerce and mobile wallet.

Leap Billing for Mobile Money assists operators in increasing revenues from various streams such as retail services and financial transactions. It can be fully integrated with standard services such as messaging, promotions, and loyalty programs.

Leap Billing for Mobile Money delivers a sophisticated set of features:
* Pre-integrated balance management and charging engine providing a multi-currency, multi-attribute e-Wallet for all sorts of transactions.
* Flexible business planning and rule design via a centralized web-based application.
* Sophisticated revenue sharing schemes and commissioning plans for mobile money providers.

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