Monday, March 4, 2013

3D priinting transforms popular mobile app into real pottery workshop

POLAND: Infinite Dreams, award-winning games publisher announced the revolutionary possibilities of the world popular Let’s Create! Pottery mobile application, downloaded more than 5 million times. Thanks to Sculpteo’s innovative 3D printing technology, smartphone and tablet users can make their own digital pieces of art and create real pottery themselves which they can display at home.

Let’s Create! Pottery is a unique application which enables people to de-stress whilst also stimulating their imagination. Anyone can become a real artist and create "one of a kind" pottery objects. Users can throw the clay on the virtual wheel, release all artistic talents and benefit from dozens of materials available on the app in order to create their own designs. When players glaze and fire their very first pot, they feel a sense of satisfaction and relaxed as pottery is the best way to relieve everyday stress and find ones own inner peace.
Infinite Dreams decided to move forward with the visualization process by integrating a 3D printing feature into the Let’s Create! Pottery app. Thanks to the partnership with the French online 3D printing service Sculpteo, users of the Let’s Create! Pottery application are given the option to convert virtual pots into real objects which can be displayed on a shelf or be given to family or friends.

Clément Moreau, CEO and co-founder of Sculpteo, said: “By integrating our 3D printing platform into applications such as Let’s Create! Pottery shows how the magic of 3D printing can be applied in a number of different ways. This partnership demonstrates how ineluctably the division between the digital world and real world is disappearing, thanks to 3D printing technology.”

The process of creating and ordering objects is intuitive and doesn't require users to have any technical knowledge. The application offers a huge library of colors, patterns and materials which are ready to use during the creation of unique objects.

Users of the Let's Create! Pottery app can upload and view other people's creations on the community portal. So far, users of the application shared more than quarter of the million virtual pots which have been created, each with unique patterns and shapes.
The Let's Create! Pottery application together with the website is incredibly therapeutic and an uplifting experience that everyone can enjoy.

When the creation process is done, the virtual pot is published on the user’s private account on the Pottery Portal (the login system is based on the Facebook Connect feature) where it can be sent to Sculpteo the 3D printing service to be manufactured.

To order a pot created in the Let's Create! Pottery application, users choose the size of the model and decide which payment method they prefer (PayPal, credit card or bank transfer) to finalize the order. The delivery time depends on the complexity and size of the order. Most of the orders are shipped within 2 working days.

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