Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wireless energy management device can now detect power outages

USA: PointSix Wireless (PSW) has introduced the first WiFi version of the Point Pulse Counter.

The device provides wireless notification to rapidly detect power outages and track energy usage for seamless energy management even during an outage. Battery or line powered the device counts, records and accumulates pulse outputs on gas, water and electric meters providing actionable intelligence.

Duke Energy, the largest electric power holding company in the United States deployed the Point Pulse Counter to augment their innovative energy efficiency programs and services. Project manager, Bruce Hoban of Duke Energy, describes the Point Pulse Counter as "A reliable, battery powered, wireless solution that enables us to detect power outages and determine consumption."

The Point Pulse Counter features over the air configuration and compatibility with existing Building Automation Systems (BAS).  Battery changes every three to five years are the only maintenance the sensors require. The device is available in single or dual pulse input channels and includes an integrated 802.11.g WiFi module.

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