Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Increase to 18 million base station transceiver shipments by 2017

USA: Mobile Experts has released a new Base Station Transceiver Forecast, including exclusive, in-depth Carrier Aggregation predictions, as well as comprehensive analysis of MIMO and Active Antenna System adoption in macrocells. Added complexity in the RF processing will lead to strong growth in transceiver shipments over the next five years, from 11 million units to more than 18 million units in 2017.

"We have investigated more than 33 different Carrier Aggregation band combinations," principal analyst Joe Madden describes, "and we've included the impact of CA in our transceiver forecast. The market has become highly complex, and our model includes AAS, Integrated Antenna/Radio modules, MIMO, and now CA in order to illustrate what is really driving the trends in the base station market.

"More than 18 million transceivers will be shipped in 2017, which represents significant growth over the 11 million shipped in 2012. MIMO, AAS, and Carrier Aggregation are all contributing to an increase in the number of transceivers.

"We have been able to collect input from more than 20 RF suppliers, in order to build a comprehensive database of shipments in key frequency bands. The result is the most comprehensive view available for the base station market. While we see the number of transceivers multiplying, we should caution suppliers that the average dollar content in each transceiver will drop due to the implementation of Active Antenna Systems and MIMO, as well as reductions in RF power level."

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