Thursday, April 12, 2012

Voice blogging comes to Indian Android users with new Bubbly app

BANGALORE, INDIA: Wish you could hear authentic voice updates from your favorite celebrities on a daily basis? Or easily share exciting moments in your own voice with friends and family? Bubble Motion, the clear leader in voice blogging, aims to let you do exactly that. Today the company announces the launch of its Bubbly social voice application for Android in India.

The Bubble Motion team is excited to bring its Android smartphone app to some 11 million Indian Android users. Beginning today, Indian users can enjoy the breadth of voice bubbles being generated by its existing 16 million Bubblers worldwide. Android and iPhone users can download the Bubbly app.

Bubbly is now available in India on Android, having previously rolled out on iPhone in March 2012. Early usage of the app has seen incredibly high engagement and social traction, with the majority of users following other users in addition to celebrities, and using the app an average of three times per day.

“Bubbly has seen incredible growth since launching in 2010 and has registered a million new users across Asia in the last month alone,” says Bubble Motion CEO, Thomas Clayton. “We hope the new Bubbly app for Android brings the experience of voice blogging to millions more, allowing for Indian Android users to join in, connect, and follow our vibrant community of Bubblers.”

Bubbly allows you to share short voice updates with your friends and followers. Create your posts, or Bubbles, in your own voice via your Android smartphone. The Bubbly app lets your followers hear what you really have to say – anytime and from anywhere – with feeling and emotion. Many users from India have taken to Bubbly for playing the classic game of “Antakshari” with their friends, where each user gets a turn to sing Bollywood songs. You can also share these ‘Bubbles’ directly to Twitter and Facebook, and add text to your posts to make them easy to discover.

The new Bubbly app also allows users to follow celebrities, sports stars and other well-known users, letting you move beyond just reading celebrity posts to actually hearing updates recorded in their own voice. The who’s who of celebrities in India have already connected with fans using the Bubbly service such as Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Yuvraj Singh and dozens of others. The Bubbly app is free to download with a six-month in-app purchase of $2.99 to follow all the premium celebrities.

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