Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Conolog intros Fidra

SOMERVILLE, USA: Conolog Corp. announced the launch of Fidra, a fiber optic switch designed to monitor, reroute, repeat, boost and disable up to three fiber optic communication pairs.

Utilizing industry standard SFP modules allows Fidra to support various optical communications including single/multimode, LED/Laser as well as multiple wavelengths. Common applications for Fidra include:
* Transmitter disabling.
* Fiber optic path routing.
* Wavelength and fiber type conversion.
* Level monitoring.
* Local and remote loopback testing.

Fidra resides in-line with equipment utilizing fiber optic communications, allowing for testing and maintenance without the need to remove and reroute fiber cables. Fidra eliminates costly damage to fibers and components caused by routine handling.

Fidra is programmable to route any receive signal to any of the three transmitters. All routing is performed at the physical layer (PHY layer), therefore Fidra communications are transparent to the transmitting and receiving equipment, regardless of brand. No protocol support is required and only microseconds of delay are added to the signal propagation time, making it ideal for differential relaying applications. Testing and monitoring are streamlined, while providing safety to the technician and ease of implementation.

System configuration is performed via the built-in web server, allowing the customer to use any web browser to configure Fidra.

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