Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CommScope delivers interconnect solution for 4G and beyond

BANGALORE, INDIA: Whether upgrading the wireless network to increase capacity, gain speed or improve efficiencies, operators often feel like they’re solving one problem only to end up with a fresh set of concerns. When it comes to the radio frequency (RF) footprint, the latest generation of HELIAX from CommScope helps eliminate worries with a single-source interconnect solution designed for outstanding performance in all types of cellular network site architectures.

From traditional to remote radio head configurations, HELIAX 3.0, built on Andrew Solutions connectivity technology, offers hybrid fiber and coaxial options that deliver high performance for new technologies such as LTE. The interconnect solution also provides faster, easier installations, network consistency and reduced passive intermodulation (PIM).

“HELIAX 3.0 is poised to become the interconnect solution for LTE. As network complexity increases, it’s critical to have one trusted solution that helps you deploy new technology quickly and easily,” said Stan Catey, senior VP, Cable Products, CommScope. “Operators must manage both national and regional networks with varying preferences, installations and technology overlays—doing so cost-efficiently is a growing challenge for them. Many networks now use both traditional coax and hybrid fiber components, which can make it difficult to ensure all equipment works together efficiently and properly. We believe HELIAX 3.0 brings it all together for operators in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

Piecemeal upgrades, particularly in the RF path, can cause more than short-term headaches when they lead to imperfect connections, confusing installations and increased risk of interference and degraded transmission. CommScope purpose-built HELIAX 3.0 to avoid these issues, recognizing they typically result in a significant cost to operators.

For sites with remote radio heads, HELIAX Remote Fiber Feeder (RFF) Cable combines power conductors and fiber into a single, high-performance cable that delivers all the efficiency, capacity and savings needed to transition to the next phase of a network’s design. The RFF Cable features a gel-free design, a UV-rated outer jacket, rugged lightning-tested shield, and dry moisture-blocking elements within each fiber component.

RFF Cable is available in single-mode or multi-mode with fiber and power conductor configurations and counts to supply a wide range of remote radio unit designs. Built-in redundancy provides insurance and future-proofing for LTE, WiMAX, MIMO or whatever the future holds.

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