Friday, April 20, 2012

Numera acquires BlueLibris and expands offerings into telecare

SEATTLE, USA: Numera announced the acquisition of BlueLibris, LLC, a leader in personal health monitoring and safety technologies. The acquisition adds a novel, mobile telecare platform to Numera’s existing telehealth products, social engagement solutions, and professional services portfolio.

The combined telehealth + telecare offering enhances Numera’s business partners’ offerings with the goal of improving outcomes in Transitions in Care, Independent Aging, and Chronic Condition Management programs.

The small, wearable BlueLibris device allows two-way, hands-free voice communication through a cellular network, GPS location tracking, and unique, automated fall-detection algorithms for Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS).

The BlueLibris devices will also be equipped with Numera’s telehealth gateway technology, allowing the end user to upload biometric measurements from a variety of health devices through the mobile personal health gateway and receive personalized reminders to take medications, upload measurements, and receive coaching specific to that individual’s health condition.

“The market for telecare and telehealth is expected to grow from $1.1 billion today to over $3 billion by 2017,” said Tim Smokoff, CEO of Numera. “Often, a person will need telehealth-related services for general wellness or chronic condition management, and later have a need for the personal safety and immediate response offered by a telecare platform. This acquisition makes it possible for Numera’s customers to have both, as they need them, on the same scalable platform.”

“As we continue development of the BlueLibris products, we will extend the capabilities of the device with additional, innovative sensing capabilities to enrich activity monitoring and feedback for behavior change and lasting engagement for those living with chronic health conditions,” said Bill Reid, VP of Product Development at Numera. “By combining the capabilities of BlueLibris with our existing family of PC, smartphone and home hub gateways, and the Numera Social engagement platform, families, friends, and caregivers are equipped to participate in and deliver sustained engagement, which is critical for lasting behavior change.”

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