Friday, April 29, 2011

Qwest enters into license agreement with Klausner

NEW YORK, USA: Qwest Communications International Inc., through its subsidiaries, has entered into a patent license agreement with Klausner Technologies Inc., for Qwest consumer and enterprise voicemail products.

Qwest is the 30th company to license Klausner Technologies’ Visual Voicemail patents. Current licensees of the Visual Voicemail patents include major US and European mobile operators, handset manufacturers, VOIP/cable operators, and other providers of Visual Voicemail services.

"Our patented technology lets consumers view, prioritize and select voice messages from their mobile phones or via the Internet," said Judah Klausner, CEO of Klausner Technologies.

Qwest was a defendant in the pending patent infringement lawsuit brought by Klausner Technologies in the Eastern District of Texas. The parties have settled their outstanding litigation and the case has been dismissed. Klausner Technologies is represented in the litigation by the law firm of Dovel & Luner.

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