Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Equifax releases mobile app for Android users

ATLANTA, USA: Equifax continues to embrace mobile marketing and mobile commerce, announcing the latest version of its Equifax Mobile app for Android users. Now, Android users can access freemium features like Equifax Places, which enables users to view credit and fraud averages by GPS location or zip code anywhere in the United States.

Equifax monitoring product subscribers can also protect the power of their credit and identity on-the-go with real-time access to their credit file, including the ability to lock and unlock their Equifax Credit Report.

Equifax Mobile App Key Features:
* Equifax Places
-- Equifax Credit Rankings – Credit averages such as total debt, utilization, and late payments.
-- Equifax Fraud Index – Frequency of fraud by age, gender, income, and credit score.
* Equifax Credit Report Control – Ability to lock and unlock your Equifax Credit Report+.
* Equifax Web Detect – Find out if your sensitive personal information is found on suspected Internet trading sites++.
* Alerts of key changes to your credit files (e.g. account balance changes, activity on dormant accounts, new account openings).

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